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Quantacet combines investment experience with deep domain expertise in quantum technologies. Most importantly, we know how to take quantum technologies to market because we have experienced it.

We are your reference when it comes to building successful quantum businesses.

Martin Laforest Partner

Martin holds a PhD in quantum computing from the University of Waterloo’s Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC). For 9 years, he led the quantum outreach efforts at IQC, interacting with key stakeholders, including government, industry, the media, and the public, on the potential impacts of quantum technologies. He then joined ISARA Corporation, a quantum-safe cybersecurity startup, where he assumed business development and product management responsibilities before launching Quantacet.

Chloé Archambault Partner

Chloé holds a master’s degree in engineering physics from Polytechnique Montreal with a specialization in quantum chemistry and nanomaterials. Taking a business leap early-on in her career, she spent the last decade trying to bring to market deep tech & quantum technologies, first as a technology transfer officer and later at the quantum computing startup Anyon Systems before joining Quantacet.

Ghyslain Goulet Partner

With a background in finance and economic development, Ghyslain has been scaling and advising companies, startups as well as large corporations, on business strategy his whole career. Since 2017, he serves as Chief Executive Officer at the ACET incubator. Prior to Quantacet, he managed two venture capital investment funds, ACET CAPITAL 1 & 2, that invest in seed-stage deep tech startups.

Joseph Bahous Investment Director

Leveraging a solid understanding of CFA principles and portfolio construction, Joseph Bahous has developed since 2016 an extensive background in the investment industry. He has expertise across the entire investment process, from identifying opportunities to deal execution, covering both public and private investments. Before joining Quantacet, Joseph managed an investment portfolio focused on pre-seed and seed Canadian companies in the digital health space.

Our advisors

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