At Quantacet,
we believe quantum technologies
will disrupt society for the greater good.
We are here to make that happen.

Quantacet is the first and only VC fund based in Quebec focused on the global
quantum technology market. We invest early-on in ambitious quantum
startups that will tackle some of humanity’s biggest challenges,
from personalized medicine to the energy crisis, cybersecurity and so much more.

What we do

We focus on pre-seed and seed stage companies who can demonstrate a clear growth path in a global market.

Quantum sensing

Quantum computers and quantum algorithms will allow to solve problems that are intractable with traditional supercomputers exponentially faster.

Quantum communications

Enabling technologies are advanced technologies that make quantum technologies possible.

Technologies in quantum sensing, imaging and metrology harness quantum effects to achieve unprecedented performance.

Quantum computing

Quantum networks and cybersecurity protocols open the path to impenetrable communications and much more.

Enabling technologies

Why Quantacet

We’re there to help you in your entrepreneurial journey to reach your most ambitious goals. And we’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves.

Our expert team

Quantacet combines investment experience with deep domain expertise in quantum technologies and their path to commercialisation.

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