Pioneering Quantum Investments to Address Global Challenges

At Quantacet,
we believe quantum technologies
will disrupt society for the greater good.

We are here to make that happen.

Quantacet is the first and only VC fund based in Quebec focused on the global quantum technology market.

We invest early-on in ambitious quantum startups that will tackle some of humanity’s biggest challenges, from personalized medicine to the energy crisis, cybersecurity and so much more.

Quantacet was created to fill the gap in the funding cycle at the earliest stages where technology development plays a big role but also represents a significant risk for non-specialized investors. We help bring revolutionary research to market and support the growth of Quebec’s quantum industry.

We focus on pre-seed and seed stage companies who can demonstrate a clear growth path in a global market.

What we invest in

Quantum sensing

Technologies in quantum sensing, imaging and metrology harness quantum effects to achieve unprecedented performance.


By relying on the most fundamental properties of nature, quantum sensors can push the sensitivity and precision levels to the limit of what the laws of physics allow. They find applications in several fields, from medical imaging to navigation and mapping of natural resources.

Quantum computing

Quantum computers and quantum algorithms will allow to solve problems that are intractable with traditional supercomputers exponentially faster.


By using a completely different paradigm to perform computations, quantum computing will disrupt numerous industries including financial modeling, drug discovery, new material design, transportation, and machine learning.

Quantum communications

Quantum networks and cybersecurity protocols open the path to impenetrable communications and much more.


Thanks to the laws of quantum mechanics, quantum-encrypted information can be exchanged in a way that is completely immune to cyberattacks. Quantum communications also pave the way for the quantum internet, allowing distributed computing and sharing quantum data on a network.

Enabling technologies

Enabling technologies are advanced technologies that make quantum technologies possible.


They include cooling technologies that maintain cryogenic temperatures inside quantum computers. They include lasers and electronics controlling qubits and quantum sensors. In other words, they refer to every component that is essential to the supply chain of quantum technologies, from design to fabrication.


Our quantum expertise at your service

We understand quantum science and market dynamics, and we’ll be there to help you bridge the two. Our team has 20+ years of experience in quantum. We understand the technology and the reality of bringing it to market because we’ve experienced it firsthand. We’ve also watched the industry unfold and the different market strategies quantum companies go for given the maturity level of the market.


The influence to drive fundraising

As a subject matter expert, Quantacet brings other investors along to address your current and future funding needs. Our model is to act as a reference in the field in order to lower the risks for a non-expert and/or later-stage investor to invest in your company. Because we understand the capital landscape, we help you get ready to face investors and use our credibility to bring them on board.


The power of a full ecosystem

Quantacet’s extensive network in the local and global quantum community can unlock a full range of resources to grow your business. The Quebec quantum ecosystem offers many resources for startups, whether it be for R&D collaborations, access to state-of-the-art equipment, infrastructure or talent. We can also open doors to international markets since we are extremely well connected in the quantum community worldwide.


The experience to help you grow

Our team specializes in helping startups grow and successfully move into commercialization. After years of coaching entrepreneurs and managing a startup incubator, we have the experience to support you and help you make informed decisions when defining your business model, technology roadmap, market strategy, etc. We’ll also be there to assist you in handling the situation when you face unexpected challenges.

Our expert team

Quantacet combines investment experience with deep domain expertise in quantum technologies and their path to commercialisation.